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American Women's Club of Hamburg

The Liverpool Goalie


Starts March 15

Original language: Norwegian

the liverpool goalieThe title from this movie by director Arild Andresen will catch the eye of every soccer player but in actuality this film is about a 13year boy, Jo Idstad (Ask van der Hagen), who is afraid of playing football and is trying to survive school without causing too commotion. The film touches on every obstacle that a teenage boy has to maneuver through in order to reach the other side.

Jo explains everything in a simple, naïve way with an underlying intellect that makes this story hysterically funny. It shows how the main focus changes from soccer, to collecting soccer cards to eventually falling in love with the new girl at school Mari (Susanne Boucher). At the same time, Jo has an insight to what is going on for his single mom even though his own life seems to be falling apart and through all this experience he manages to get through it all. If you have a teenager and find that you don’t understand the way they are acting and talking, then this film is a must. It is not surprising that it has won several awards including the Crystal Bear from the Berlin Film Festival in 2011.

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