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This Means War (Das gibt Ärger)

alt ½

Starts March 1

Original language: English

this means warThis romantic, action comedy, stars Chris Pine (Star Trek), Tom Hardy (Inception) and Reese Witherspoon (Water for Elephants), and is directed by McG (Charlie's Angels). The screenplay was written by Timothy Dowling and Simon Kinberg.

FDR Foster (Pine) is a smooth womanizer who introduces himself as a pilot, Tuck (Hardy) a sweet-natured divorcée who claims to be a travel agent. The two have been the closest buddies for years, ready even to die for each other, quite literally: after all, they are really CIA agents. It seems like nothing could possibly come between the two, until Lauren (Witherspoon) comes onto the scene. She meets Tuck first through an internet dating service, then exchanges barbed comments with FDR in a video store. One thing leads to another, and suddenly the two friends discover they are dating the same girl. They make a gentleman's agreement along the lines of 'may the best man win', underlining the fact that, whatever happens, their friendship counts above all. This does not, however, stop them from using every covert operational trick in the book to outsmart and stay ahead of each other...

An entertaining caper with good chemistry between all three leads. The premise is beyond credibility, but that's easy enough to forget; the dialogue has some funny moments, despite a few corny ones as well. 

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