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Starts April 19

Original language: English

The new handheld camera flick of the year 2012, Chronicle is under the direction of filmmaker Josh Trank who promotes a science fiction narrative exceptionally written by Max Landis. Filmed in Cape Town with Film Afrika Worldwide, as well as in Vancouver, Canada, Trank showed off his wares to produce a film one would insist was filmed in Seattle, Washington. Trank collaborates with his own technical team of wizards in editing (Elliott Greenberg), cinematography (Matthew Jensen), special effects units (under Robert Habros and Simon Hansen) and producers (John Davis and Adam Schroeder) to bring to the silver screen a different kind of Marvel Super Power Hero. The principle actors chosen drew the audience into their performance portraying the excitement and dangers of how typically good teenagers might handle telekinetic powers if given the chance—the good vs. the bad.

Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan), a high school loner, journals about his life in order to make sense of it because each day has its challenges living with an alcoholic father and an ailing mother. Andrew uses a high-tech video camera over the typical journal notepad and pen allowing for the daily documentation to occur 24/7. His filmmaking ability is a harmless escapism. It is a pastime he enjoys.

Matt Garetty (Alex Russell), Andrews’s cousin and their high school friend, Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) discover strange sounds coming out of a cave in the woods. Andrew is summoned to follow them into the earth with his camera to document their sighting and captures an encounter with the touch of a glowing translucent rock that gives each teen a nose bleed and powers like superman. The boys quickly discover that they have been given the ability to move objects (including themselves) by an act of their will. Initially the excitement of their marvel powers turns the teenagers into little kids goofing around with the bewildering abilities until their pact for rules of engagement is broken and lives are at stake. 

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