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LOL (Laughing Out Loud)


Starts May 31

Original language: English

Attention ladies from thirteen to one hundred and three, here is a movie with three well-known actresses scrupulously handpicked to appeal to each generation. Miley Cyrus is Lol(a) the affluent teenager who spends a lot of time emailing, texting, writing in her diary (how retro), and oh yes, falling in love with  her best friend Kyle (Douglas Booth). Demi Moore plays her single-mom Anne, trying to be strict, but, huggy, huggy, always giving into her irresistible daughter Lola. Mom seems rather adolescent herself trying to decide between her own love interests, ex-husband Allen (Thomas James) and the 30ish dishy narcotics cop James (Jay Hernandez). As Demi never really develops into Anne throughout the entire movie (as Miley stubbornly remains Miley rather than Lola), we know early on she’ll pick the younger guy. Then for the mature ladies, there’s grandma (Marlo Thomas) who so understands her daughter and granddaughter’s indulgences. Gee, maybe it’s really because all three of them are so much alike.

LOL is a remake of a reportedly charming 2008 French feature starring Sophie Marceau. The original picture was written and directed by Lisa Azuelos who went to the States to oversee the American version.  Choosing Chicago as a location was brilliant. Allowing Lola’s French class to go to Paris on a student exchange added greatly to the visual highlights. Confusing was the portrayal of one French exchange family living in a medieval mansion surrounded by Joan of Arc relics and serving sheep brain to their American dinner guests. Inexcusable was the mocking of the amorous intentions of the daughter in another French family, a young lady with Down Syndrome. Lisa Azuelos should be ashamed of herself for seeking cheap laughs at the expense of her fellow Frenchmen. Laugh Out Loud, no, I don’t think so, il est de mauvais goût

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