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Men in Black 3 (3D)


Starts May 25

Original language: English

men in black 3 3dNot only is Will Smith fighting off one-armed monsters to save the world from eminent destruction but he is forced into slapping a kissing Russian reporter who has too much love for the actor to save his dignity. Men in Black has now hit the movie screens in full force and the reactions for the fans seem to be going far beyond the norm.

This 3D film fills in gaps in the relationship between Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith). Agent K, who is always playing the straight man, finally reviles a part of himself which is completely unexpected. We also see the sensitive side to Agent J who plays the comedy man bouncing from joke to another at the cost of Agent K. The story is a typical save-the-world story with a few monsters creeping in and out but there are no great surprises. It is light, funny, slimy and gooey with a sentimental ending. Kids and teenagers will laugh and so will you. And please don’t look for any hidden and profound thoughts in the film or otherwise you will be lost in space.

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld 

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