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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Two Days in New York


Starts July 5

Original language: French | English

2 days in new yorkFamily issues and culture clashes are the stuff of Two Days in New York, a film by and with Julie Delpy. Marion (Julie Delpy) and Mingus (Chris Rock) are in a relationship. Marion lives in New York with her child - and now with Mingus - so the child will be near his father.  She does avant-garde photography and Mingus has a talk show on the radio. They actually both work at the Village Voice newspaper - in other words: a couple with progressive views.
When Marion's family descends upon them to visit New York, hell breaks loose. Her father is, although lovable, also opinionated and loud. His first obstacle is trying to get all of his French cheeses and sausages through customs at JFK. Sister Rose only has sex on her mind which proves a bit much for Mingus. Rose's boyfriend Manu is either always stoned or on the lookout to get stoned. He also makes a big deal about being open-minded and just loves Mingus being black in the midst of a white family. Mingus talks to a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Obama in his study for relief and Marion becomes hysterical in public because of the family's shenanigans. Lots of laughs in a real New York setting. 

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