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Findet Lilly Engel

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Available on DVD in July

Original language: English | German subtitles

Imagine you need to locate a certain person, but you cannot use the internet – no search machines, no social networks. It’s really important that you find this person. All you know is her name and occupation. What would you do? Hire a private investigator? Read your way through newspaper and other archives? Consult a medium? Panic?

Don’t panic! Have you ever heard about the six-degrees-of-separation-theory? This theory states that “everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth” (Wikipedia). Practically speaking, this means that you can ask people you know to help you with your search.

In her documentary Findet Lilly Engel, German filmmaker Lilly Engel puts the six-degrees-of-separation-theory to the test: Four people in different corners of the world are given the task to find Lilly Engel, simply by asking someone they know. Using the internet is not allowed. Engel’s entertaining film introduces the people involved in the search – all of them colourful personalities – and shows how they go about finding Lilly Engel. For example, one of the people in the movie is so well connected he can even ask the aliens about Lilly Engel’s whereabouts!  

In the end, you’ll not only find out if they really managed to find her and if E.T. played any part in this, but you’ll also have some food for thought. Directed by Lilly Engel.

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