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Die Kunst sich die Schuhe zu binden (The Importance of Tying your Own Shoes, Hur många lingon finns det i världen)


Starts September 20

Original language: Swedish

die kunstschuhe zu bindenA group of mentally disabled men and women is lucky that the young man their day facility just hired is unaware of the textbook approach to the care of disabled people. Due to his – let’s say ‘easygoing’ - attitude and stubbornness, aspiring actor Alex (Sverrir Gudnason) hasn’t been able to keep any job ever, has been kicked out of his theater group and out of the life and apartment he shared with his girlfriend and daughter. He is broke and has used all his favors with friends and family. This is not his ‘dream job’, but it’s the only one, comes with an apartment and no specific qualifications are required. Surprisingly though he found his calling.
He treats them as his equals; recognizes their sense of humor, their talents and their desire to have fun. Instead of however well-meaning but useless goals the day center sets for them, Alex helps his new friends to succeed - against all odds (like overprotecting parents and day care officials) - in something they really want: taking part in a TV talent show. He gives them a sense of accomplishment - they teach him to take responsibility.

The touching though uneven script was inspired by the real life story of the Swedish Glada Hudik-Theater, from which the cast had been recruited. It promotes integration of mentally challenged actors with ‘normal’ actors and successfully performs worldwide.

Direction: Lena Koppel
Script: Pär Johansson, Lena Koppel, Trine Piil Christensen
With  Sverrir Gudnason, Vanna Rosenberg, members of the Glada Hudik Theater
Genre: Drama, 101 minutes

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