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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Love is All You Need (Den skaldede frisør)


Starts November 22

Original language: Danish    

love is all you needIda (Trine Dyrholm) has just finished treatment for breast cancer. Coming home unexpectedly, she catches her husband on the couch with a young co-worker. He explains how he was suffering from her breast cancer and needed some relief. Ida, feeling a bit guilty, leaves Denmark for Italy on her own to attend their son’s wedding. On the way, Ida meets Philip (Pierce Brosnan), who turns out to be the father of her daughter’s fiancée. They do not make a good first impression on each other. Then her husband and new girlfriend show up along with Philip’s aggressive sister-in-law. And the bride-to-be is getting nervous about the wedding night while her beau is hanging out with the help.
Director Susanne Bier humorously looks at different kinds of love with the conflicts and suffering it brings against the backdrop of a beautiful villa set in the gorgeous hills of Sorrento, Italy. Brosnan is charming, of course, and Dyrholm is delightful. A truly enjoyable Italian fest! 

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