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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Films seen and reviewed at Berlinale 2013


Camille Claudel 1915 (MN**)                                                           

Child’s Pose (Pozitia Copilului) (SRS ****) (RF***)                                               

Closed Curtain (Parde) (MN**)(SRS ****) (RF****)                                   

Gloria (SRS ****)                                                                             

Harmony Lessons (Uroki Garmonii) (RF**)                                   

Layla Fourie (RF **)                                                                                                            

Prince Avalanche (MN***)                                                               

Promised Land (SRS 0*)                                                                

Side Effects (MN***) (RF**)                                                            

The Nun (La Religieuse) (SRS **1/2)                                                         


Out of Competition

Dark Blood (RF*) (MN**)                                                                 

Before Midnight (RF ***) (MN***)                                                     

Night Train to Lisbon (MN***) (RF***)                                                         


Berlinale Special

The Best Offer (RF***) (MN**1/2)                                                   



Don Jon‘s Addiction (RF****)                                                                                  

Exposed (SRS ****)                                                                        

Lose Your Head (RF****)                                                                

The Broken Circle Breakdown (SRS ***)                                        

Concussion (MN**)                                                                                                                                    

Forum/Forum Expanded

Die 727 Tage Ohne Karamo            

(The 727 Days without Karamo) (SRS****) (RF*****)                                


Generation K-plus

The Rocket (SRS*****)                                                                   


Generation 14 plus

Touch of the Light (SRS***)                                                            


Culinary Cinema

Red Obsession (MN****)                                                                 


NATIVe Short Films                                                                       

The Ballad of Crowfoot (SRS***)

Circle of the Sun (SRS**1/2)

Ebony Society (SRS****)

Nana (SRS *****)

Payback (SRS***)

A Mother’s Dream (SRS**)

A Place to Stand (SRS***)

Two Cars, One Night (SRS***)


NATIVe Feature Film                                                                                 

Samson & Delilah (SRS***)







A Long and Happy Life (Dolgaya Schastlivoya Zhizn) (SRS***)

Gold (SRS **)

Out of Competition

The Grandmaster (Yi dai zong shi) (RF ***)

Berlinale Special

Top of the Lake (SRS ***½)


Boven is het stil (It‘s all so Quiet) (RF**)

Forum/Forum Expanded

I Used to be Darker (RF*)

Halbschatten (RF*)

Helio Oiticica (RF**)

I am not Dead (Je Ne Suis Pas Mort) (SRS***½)

The Town of Whales (Kujira no Machi) (SRS **)

The Weight of Elephants (SRS*****)

Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Chiralia (RF****)

Kalifornia (RF***)

Die Wiedergänger (The Revenants) (RF1/2 Star)

= No stars is better, but I guess 1/2 for somehow managing to get funding

Berlinale Classics

Dial M for Murder (3D) (RF)

Generation 14 plus

Princesas Rojas (Red Princesses) (RF***)

Berlinale Shorts II (RF saw half of them before walking out)

            -2011 12 30 (RF****)

            -Ja kada sam bila klinac, bila sam klinka (RF**)

            -A coup de couteau dente (RF**)



*****     Excellent flick! Don’t miss it!

****       Good movie, worth going to see

***         Not a bad way to spend a few hours

**          OK, but read the review to understand our reservations

  • Bad, but we’ve got to give them credit for making a movie


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