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The Douglas Sirk Award: Tilda Swinton

The Douglas Sirk Award:  Tilda Swinton
Since 1995 the Douglas Sirk Award has been awarded at Filmfest Hamburg to a person for outstanding contribution to film. This year the prize went to Tilda Swinton who appeared at the screening of her latest film Only Lovers Left Alive (by Jim Jarmusch, Great Britain/Germany/USA) to accept the award. After two introductory speeches that detailed her career, Swinton glided down the stairs in the large Cinemaxx theater and stepped up to the microphone. Taller than one would expect given her delicate features, Swinton was radiant in black and obviously at ease before the crowd of admirers. Her diamond broach was the perfect accessory, glinting as the paparazzi snapped a gazillion pictures. Swinton showed her sense of humor when she remarked, „One day I want to make a white suit with fake blood sewn in...“ and then mimicked the blood splatter with every flash. Swinton is one of the more unique actresses to come across our screens, easily moving between Arthouse and Mainstream; let us look forward to her next role as it will surely be something to see. (Mary Wienke, Christine Riney)

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