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Liebe und andere Turbulenzen (Girl on a Bicycle)

Starts March 7
Germany 2013

Directed by: Jeremy Leven             
Writing credits: Jeremy Leven
Cast: Vincenzo Amato, Nora Tschirner, Paddy Considine, Louise Monot, Stéphane Debac, Kellie Shirley, Alexander Boden, Fanny Scherer
Length: 100 minutes

liebe und andere TurbulenzenAlthough this flick has its moments, writer / director Jeremy Leven “borrows” heavily – Greta’s “crying” scene smacks of Sally’s faking an orgasm in When Harry met Sally – to achieve comedic interest throughout his tired screenplay. Driving busloads of tourists through Paris, Paolo’s (Amato) spiel invariably contrasts Paris with his birthplace Rome, which is naturally grander. After proposing to Greta (Tschirner), his girlfriend of three years and a German flight stewardess, he inadvertently sees Cécile (Monot). A single Parisian mother supporting two youngsters from modeling, she maneuvers between assignments on her bike. Totally infatuated, Paolo seeks counsel from best friend Derek (Considine). Driven, Paolo causes Cécile’s mishap, and consequently tends to her and children Julian (Boden) and Claire (Scherer), thus arousing Greta’s suspicion. Greta turns to friend and confidant Francois (Debac) for advice; proceeding predictably, the ending is equally unsurprising.

Visual Parisian delights accompanied by energetic melodious music from Robert Fraisse (cinematography) and Craig Richey (original music) boost this film’s stature, as well as Boden and Scherer’s engaging performances. Equally delightful is Andrea Bocelli’s singing his "Time to Say Goodbye" (Con te partirò) with Paolo in the plane. Which help excuse the corny scenes, nationality generalizations, and the selfishness portrayed by Paolo and Greta toward their friends. Produced in English, perhaps in the process of translating and dubbing wit and nuances were lost. However that does not excuse the film’s inherent triteness. ()

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