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The Guilt Trip (Unterwegs mit Mum)


USA 2012

Starts April 18


Directed by: Anne Fletcher

Writing Credits: Dan Fogelman

Cast: Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogen, Julene Renee-Preciado

Length: 95 minutes


guilt tripFilmmaker Anne Fletcher directs comedic stars Seth Rogan (Andrew-Andy-Brewster) and Barbra Streisand (Joyce Brewster) in a delightfully endearing mother-son road trip movie in The Guilt Trip. Fletcher eloquently transitions a normal family, road trip narrative to an emotionally energized journey using a script and storyline with grit.


Biochemist Andy Brewster invents a product that has a future of revolutionary value for the cleaning business. His invention is an organic, but powerful, cleaning solution ideal for any household need. To maximize the opportunities afforded to him for sales and production, Andy feels it best to market the product himself. He knows his product. He believes in his product. He wants everyone to have his product. He can promote his product. Andy is confident his miracle solution will even sell itself. 


Andy quits his high-paying job on the West Coast in order to take his amazing product on the road. An inventor, Andy's dream to be a successful business entrepreneur begins. The first stop is to share his business plan and the news of his adventure with Joyce, Andy's widowed mother. Joyce lives in a tight-knit Jewish community on the East Coast where Andy grew up. Overjoyed at the surprise visit from her son, she suspects something isn't quite kosher. Joyce grills Andy until the real reason for his homecoming becomes apparent. Andy knows her drill. He knows his mother will be disappointed that he quit his biochemist job. Andy steers their conversation to unveil his product and new business plan to Joyce but isn't prepared for her skepticism. In order to win her approval of his very risky business venture, Andy reluctantly invites Joyce to join him on the scheduled cross-country business trip. 


Joyce and Andy embark on a journey of memorable mishaps and unexpected surprises that makes The Guilt Trip a personal transformation excursion. ()

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