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Das Kleine Gespenst (The Little Ghost)

Germany | Switzerland 2013
Starts November 7, 2013

Directed by: Alain Gsponer
Writing credits: Martin Ritzenhoff, Otfried Preußler novel
Cast: Jonas Holdenrieder, Emily Kusche, Nico Hartung
Length: 92 minutes

Das Kleine Gespenst (The Little Ghost) Based on the beloved childhood story, Das Kleine Gespentst, by Otfried Preußler, this magical story comes to life and is a fun film for the whole family. This film is suggested for ages six and up. ()

A little ghost lives in an old castle and he wants to be able to see the world during the day. By changing the clock, he was able to see the world during the day. He got too close to the sun while running from three kids and turned black! After playing a lot of jokes, the ghost is sad no one wants to play with him and wants to go back to being awake at night. He becomes friends with a little boy named Karl and needs Karl’s help to turn back into a night ghost. They have a big adventure with a happy ending. (, age 9)

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