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Film Review - Über-Ich und Du

Benjamin Heisenberg, Germany/Switzerland/Austria 2014
A surprisingly humorous romp focusing on a middle-aged tramp Nick (Georg Friedrich) who pretends to be the new caretaker for a famous aging psychiatrist Carl (André Wilms). Nick is hiding out from the powerful people he owes money to and Carl is preparing for a symposium to defend himself because his career began with the help of the Nazis. The two get into numerous hijinks, much to the chagrin of Carl’s family, and it culminates in Carl psychoanalyzing Nick which results in their personality quirks swapping bodies. You have to see it to believe it (and understand it!)
While perhaps not the most realistic comedy, its fresh take on mature male relationships is nice to see. Andre Wilms does an amazing job at portraying the hilarity of getting older, as well as its tragedies. With many laughs and absurd moments, you won’t regret giving it a watch. (Rose Finlay)

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