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Zoran, mein Neffe der Idiot

Italy 2013
Starts June 19, 2014

Directed by: Matteo Oleotto
Writing credits: Daniela Gambaro, Matteo Oleotto, Marco Pettenello, Pierpaolo Piciarelli
Cast: Giuseppe Battiston, Rok Prasnikar, Marjuta Slamic, Teco Celio
Length: 106 minutes

Zoran, mein Neffe der Idiot  The two protagonists of this comedy couldn’t be more different. Paolo (Battiston) is a vulgar, mean and loud-mouthed drunk in his 40s, who enjoys making other people miserable. He drives to Slovenia for his aunt’s funeral, hoping for a substantial windfall; instead he ‘inherits’ her 16-year-old grandson. Zoran (Prasnikar) is painfully shy, polite and a little peculiar.

Begrudgingly Paolo agrees to take in his nephew - at least for a short while. Once he discovers that Zoran has a talent that he could exploit, he makes sure the kid stays in his care. From here it is still a long way until —not surprisingly—the two will somehow warm up to each other, Zoran stands up for himself, and Paolo reveals a more pleasant side. Stories like this, as predictable as they are, usually have a lot of appeal. Matteo Oleotto’s first feature film though drags on, and gags are too obvious and contrived to amuse. What has appeal though is the ‘earthy’ and very real microcosm of this small Italian village near the Slovenian border where the story is set, and Battiston’s full-blooded performance. ()

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