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Suzanne (Die Unerschütterliche Liebe der Suzanne)

France 2013
Starts June 19, 2014

Directed by: Katell Quillévéré
Writing credits: Mariette Désert, Katell Quillévèrè
Cast: Sara Forestier, Adèle Haenel, François Damiens, Paul Hamy
Length: 94 minutes

Suzanne (Die Unerschütterliche Liebe der Suzanne) Two sisters grow up together under the loving guidance of a single father who works for a transport company. As Maria (Haenel), the older sister, begins to make her way in life, it is not clear which direction Suzanne (Forestier) will take. In fact, it becomes clear that Suzanne does what she feels without thinking of the consequences that her actions may have.  It begins with a teenage pregnancy and then, at some point, she falls head over heels for Julian (Hamy). This is a haunting portrait of a woman who loves deeply but can’t understand responsibility, neither to her family, not to her child or even to her lover even though she was willing to risk everything for him. When she loses her child to a foster family, she suffers deeply only after seeing him again, and, when her sister dies, she only feels an emotion at the graveside. Piece by piece she peels off those who form her life. But she only begins to grow up when she has nothing left to make demands of her. This film is quietly haunting and at the same time tests our skills of tolerance. It is difficult to watch this young mother who can so easily walk away from her child to create another life. It isn’t until later that we realize the life she chose is in essence horrifying. ()

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