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Who Cares? Du machst den Unterschied (Quem se importa)


Brasil 2013 
Starts September 4, 2014

Directed by: Mara Mourão
Writing credits: Mara Mourão
Cast: Documentary with Rodrigo Santoro (voice)
Length: 92 minutes

who Cares Du machst den UnterschiedWhat is a social entrepreneur and who cares? We could all be and we should all care. That is the main message of the documentary Who Cares? which looks at how people can make a difference in a sometimes hopeless situation. The Nobel prize winner for peace, Mohammad Yunus, for example, pioneered  micro credits in Bangladesh allowing impoverished people to start up their own businesses. Isaac Durojaiye built mobile toilets in Nigeria, helping to improve sanitation. Bill Drayton is the founder of ASHOKA, an organization which supports Social Entrepreneurs around the world. These are just several people in the documentary who help to explain what they do and their stories of how they became social entrepreneurs. They believe that everyone can change the earth. What helps in the world is not government or businesses, which look for profit, but the basic instinct of hope and empathy. 

Mara Mourão has put together an inspiring and informative documentary which is fun to watch. She sometimes mixes animation in between the various stories. The main languages of the film are English, Spanish and Portuguese. The subtitles are in German and sometimes I found it hard to keep up on reading them as they go very fast. For a native German speaker this would probably not be a problem. Because we usually only hear about negative changes in the world, violence and poverty it is refreshing to learn about positive and creative changes being made. Even one person can make a global difference. ()

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