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Step Up: All in

USA 2014
Starts August 7, 2014

Directed by: Trish Sie
Writing credits: John Swetnam, Duan Adler
Cast: Alyson Stoner, Briana Evigan, Ryan Guzman
Length: 112 minutes

Step Up: All in We last saw Sean (Guzman) in Step Up: Miami Heat (2012). Now, after too many unsuccessful auditions, the members of his dance group have decided to disband for new careers. Sean takes off for Los Angeles. With the help of Moose (Adam G. Sevani), he finds a janitorial job in the dance studio of an elderly Italian couple. Naturally, the studio presents a splendid after-hour opportunity to cast and teach new dancers, of which there is an unlimited pool. The goal is to compete in the VORTEX Dance Battle at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. But first they must survive elimination tests and then, once there, win against the nation’s top teams. And if that weren’t enough stress, Camille (Stoner) attempts to take over the leadership, as if her fashion style, featuring a permanently bare tummy, was her authorization to do so.

If you think you already know the ending, you probably do, but until then, there is great hip hop, wild music, artistic lighting, and creative costumes. Naturally, there is a tender love story, as well as a scratchy love story, and twin love stories. And if that weren’t enough, Sean’s old troupe also shows up at Las Vegas. Step Up seems to come out again every two years. This is the fifth version, with almost as many different directors, since 2006. I can imagine that it will go on another 10 years, providing talented actors a chance to strut their stuff and achieve success like one original dancer from 2006: Channing Tatum. Language doesn’t play such a central role; it’s the music that counts, so go try it out. Even if your tongue can’t dance around the German language; your feet will be proficient with that hot rhythm. ()

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