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Review - In Jackson Heights

Director: Frederick Wiseman, USA

Just a thirty minute train ride from mid-town Manhattan is Jackson Heights, Queens. Driving through on Roosevelt Avenue you wouldn’t necessarily think this area was worthy of a three hour long documentary film. But director Frederick Wiseman fully engages the audience by his intimate participation in the community. He films LGBT meetings at the Synagogue, listens in on Latino small shop owners organizing against a big business takeover of their premises, walks the street markets, hangs out for coffee with some plucky seniors, catches meetings with the popular local councilman, and truly highlights the cultural, racial and ethnic diversity of the neighborhood. There are 167 languages spoken here with residents from every country in the Americas as well as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and China. The people who live here are passionate about being a part of Jackson Heights. Now real estate investors want to kick out the small businesses, raise rents beyond the means of most residents, and build luxury condos and apartments for NYC commuters, completely changing the face of the community. A delicious slice of American pie! (Mary W.)

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