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Radio Silence

Germany | USA 2013
Opening February 11, 2015     

Directed by: Marco J. Riedl, Carsten Vauth              
Writing credits: Marco J. Riedl     
Principle actors: Markus Knüffken, Charles Rettinghaus, Ronald Nitschke, Jasmin Lord, Wolfgang Pampel

Radio Silence In this psychological thriller, a pirate radio host’s nighttime talk show backfires. Currently Nighthawk’s theme is the mass murderer who carves his victims with near-medical precision. On a roll, Doc (Knüffken) is rocked realizing he just hung up on Nightslasher (Rettinghaus). Meanwhile the weathered, embittered Brix’s (Nitschke) police radio interrupts his reverie: checkout an abandoned vehicle. Concurrently a young lawyer leaves his beautiful wife (Lord) at home to meet the lads. Nightslasher’s second call challenges Doc Rock to the nth degree, forcing him into a deadly nebulous game; the cop digs deeper uncovering leads. With the clock ticking, parallel action moves from Nightslasher with his current victim to a frantic Doc in his basement studio to local listeners to Brix racing against time. Tic-tock. Closer than you think. Tic – will Doc save her – tock, time is short. Tic-tock – has he left something out?

Premiering January 2, 2015 in Hamburg and 36 cinemas throughout Germany, the award-winning Radio Silence will be a headliner at the Genrenale Festival in Berlin on February 11, 2015 prior to DVD/VOD and Blu-ray release. Carsten Vauth co-directed with Marco J. Riedl who is also credited as screenwriter, editor, and cinematographer. Andrew Reich’s music conveys the clever plot twists that confound reality and sets our adrenaline rushing. Initially you may think you know where we are going, but “the moment you feel safe is when you make mistakes.” Do not mistakenly leave before the end credits or you will miss the zinger. ()

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