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Pepe Mujica the President (Pepe Mujica Der Präsident)


Uruguay | Germany 2014
Opening March 5, 2015

Directed by: Heidi Specogna
Writing credits: Heidi Specogna
Principle actors: Documentary

Pepe Mujica the President (Pepe Mujica Der Präsident) It is hard to imagine that there exist a poor president in this global world of power and corruption. Yet in Uruguay there truly exists a noble soul whose biography exemplifies his very idealistic philosophy which he has brought to reality. Pepe, a simple farmer, who fought against the dictatorship, was thrown in prison and then became president. He is the only president in the world who gives 70% of his income back to the people. He believes in letting his people have a voice in the country and, even though most people would see Uruguay as a slow growing economy, the people are happy with their lives. His international policy is basically against selling his country to the highest bidder. There are wonderful moments in this documentary where we see him sitting side by side with President Obama and telling Obama, that he has become very grey quickly. Or asking German Chancellor Angela Merkel:  why would she need such a big can when a simple VW bug would do just fine. It is a documentary that may not be a big hit but certainly should touch the hearts of anyone who sees it. ()

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