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Käpt’n Säbelzahn und der Schatz von Lama Rama

Norway 2014
Opening: May 7, 2015

Directed by: John Andreas Andersen, Lisa Marie Gamlem
Writing credits: Terje Formoe, Lars Gudmestad
Principle actors: Tuva Novotny, Fridtjov, Såheim, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Vinjar Pettersen

Käpt’n Säbelzahn und der Schatz von Lama Rama Pinky wants no more than to hire onto Captain Sabertooth’s ship as cabin boy. Prospects look dim, until he gets his chance and suddenly he and the ship’s crew, including Langemann and Rosa (the only female), as well as my favorite fat twins (each wearing an eye patch and suffering from sneeze allergies) are on their way to Lama Rama to fetch a mysterious treasure. Lama Rama, a true paradise, is ruled by silly King Rufus. His stern brother Prince Badal lurks in the background, waiting for his chance at the throne. There are beautiful scenes at sea, combats on land, welcoming villagers on shore and a love story. The efficient Captain Sabertooth is master of it all.

This is the perfect film for kids, eight years and older, as well as adults, who love pirate films but who are totally sick and tired of Peter Pan and the diverse Tinkerbells. Here we have good action, costumes, and film sites, excellent Norwegian actors, and a moral to the story, namely that laughter is the most valuable treasure. Pinky learns that his father is not dead, as he had always been led to believe, which gives us good reason to hope for a sequel. This Norwegian film originated as a series of plays by Terje Formoe, who played Captian Sabertooth on stage. And, you’ll experience the most ferocious fart in film history. ()

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