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Amapola – Eine SommerNachtliebe (Amapola)


USA | Argentina 2014
Opening June 18, 2015     

Directed by: Eugenio Zanetti              
Writing credits: Eugenio Zanetti
Principle actors: Camilla Belle, Geraldine Chaplin, François Arnaud, Elena Roger, Leonor Benedetto, Juan Sorini

Amapola – Eine SommerNachtliebe (Amapola)This delightful adult fairytale is bathed in golden light and enchanting music. Buenos Aires 1952: Hotel Amapola graces an island where, Mémé (Chaplin) says, if one gives to the river, it gives back to you. Mémé’s granddaughter, also clairvoyant, believes her. Permanent residents, young Amapola delightfully blows fairy dust playing Puck in her musically gifted family’s summer production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. July 1966: Missing mama (Benedetto), Ama (Belle) returns in time for their Dream performance, albeit her little brother plays Puck. As the hotel fills, a stranger (Arnaud) paddles to the dock; mutual attraction leads Ama and Luke to rendezvousing. However, taut relationships among cast members, magnified by outside forces, manifest on the night. July 1982: On a dark, dank day, in concert with grievous news, Ama stands outside the hotel. Little Tincho is now a man (Luciano Cáceres); sister Titi (Roger) has two children; papa (Lito Cruz) no longer travels abroad, and the hotel is bathed in gloom. Disoriented, only Ama’s trusted advisor reaches her soul with, “You can dream a new world, but you’ve got to dream a better dream”.

Spectacularly tactile and visually stunning, versatile writer/director/production designer Eugenio Zanetti sprinkles his golden knowledge – gained in theatre and opera as well – throughout. The layered story, set amongst historical events, is infused with an esoteric spiritually. Compounding the film’s stylistic individuality is Emilio Kauderer’s music, Ueli Steiger’s cinematography, Jane Moran’s editing, and Graciela Fraguglia’s art direction. Do you think possibilities exist to “glue back the pieces together… can be even better than before”? Book your seat for this Shakespearian based opera performance, and find out. German dubbing; 90 minutes ()

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