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Review - That Feeling (Esa sensación)

Juan Cavestany/ Julián Génisson/ Pablo Hernando, Spain

Three directors, Juan Cavestany, Julián Génisson, and Pablo Hernando, present three totally unrelated stories in one film for apparently no discernible reason. The first film follows a woman about town as she sexually molests various inanimate objects like a parking ticket machine and a rock. (Although I have considered punching a ticket machine, I have never thought about licking one.) At home, she enjoys bedtime with a metal ladder. In between these dalliances are snippets from two other films. The second film reveals a group of friends having dinner together. One person says something totally inappropriate and nonsensical. In the next clip, another person makes a ridiculous statement and muses that perhaps what his friend has is contagious. In the third film, a son wonders why his father is sitting alone in a café instead of working. He calls his dad and asks how he is and what he is doing. While the son observes his father from outside the café, his father explains he is busy at work. The rest of the film he follows his father around. There’s a dog, and a church. None of these stories or characters is related so staying through to the end of film is not really necessary. Except perhaps to watch a middle-aged woman make screwing a bridge strut sexy for which this film gets one star. (MW)

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