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American Women's Club of Hamburg


Germany 2016
Opening May 5, 2016

Directed by: Nikolai Müllerschön
Writing credits: Nikolai Müllerschön
Principle actors: Heiner Lauterbach, Blerim Destani, Martin Brambach, Victoria Mirovaya, Mark Keller, André Hennicke

Frauen Sometimes mistakes lead to positive results. In this case multi-millionaire K.O. Schott (Lauterbach) steps out of the airport as expected, but not into the luxurious limousine he ordered. Instead he lands in a banged-up car, driven by Rudiger Kneppke (Brambach). He gruffly orders driver Kneppke to get him to Bad Honnersheim within the next three hours, where he must make an important speech. They head off to this (fictitious) German town. At the same time Lis Tucha (Destani) from Macedonia is dressed in his finest suit and sitting across the street from his own wedding. He has second thoughts about this commitment. His bride is furious and, followed by her family clan, including three strong brothers and her grandfather in a wheel chair she chases Lis down the streets until he takes the first opportunity to leap into a stopped car. Thus he meets Schott and Kneppke, but not under the best of circumstances. He threatens then with a knife in order to keep them on the road, no questions asked. Slowly the atmosphere relaxes and they begin to talk. From this point it is a road movie as they make their way to Bad Honnersheim - or not. Soon, not only the Macedonian clan but also members of a motorcycle gang are hot on their heels. Intermingled throughout the action are serious talks about women (Frauen in German) in all forms, preferences and dislikes, experiences, etc.

In this German comedy, the real topic is Männer or men, as they reveal their “need for security, love, and trust” according to director Müllerschön, as well as their opinion that “women get older faster,” interspersed with quips such as “Too bad Adam and Eve weren’t Chinese; they would have left the apple and eaten the snake.” The theme song features the line “should I shave your balls?” Their drive through the beautiful Elbsteingebirge, southeast of Dresden, is definitely worth viewing. German Müllerschön has been living and working in Los Angeles since 1992. Blerim Destani was born in Germany, but really did grow up in Macedonia and divides his career between the two countries. ()

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