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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Outside the Box

Germany 2015
Opening May 26, 2016

Directed by: Philip Koch
Writing credits: Philip Koch, Anna Katrin Schneider
Principal actors: Volker Bruch, Stefan Konarske, Vicky Krieps

Outside the Box Employees of Bickstein Consulting are on the bus to a company outing in the countryside. There will be games at the event and Frederick (Bruch) plans to win, simply to show the others that he is the brain behind the company’s success – not those other losers who try to steal his ideas. This time the game is a false kidnapping organized by their public relations manager Vanessa Kramer (Wilson). She anticipates scenes of bravery and logical thinking, which would reflect the company’s strengths, and therefore has invited important press reporters to record the event. She also hired two actors to pose as kidnappers. They, in turn, are desperate for cash and go for a “real” kidnapping with real weapons. They secure the victims and demand a huge ransom. Does anyone realize that this is not a game? Where will Kramer obtain the cash without alerting the boss, Mr. Bickstein? Will Frederick get his opportunity to prove his superiority in time of threat? Director Koch said that this is “inspired by true events” and “reflects the absurd situations in the new working world.” Decide for yourself; perhaps you will recognize similar characteristics from your own working experience. ()

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