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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Wer ist Oda Jaune?

Germany 2016
Opening June 23, 2016

Directed by: Kamille Pfeffer
Writing credits: Kamille Pfeffer
Principal actors: Documentary with Oda Jaune, Lars Eidinger, Johnathan Meese, and Thomas Ostermeier

Wer ist Oda Jaune? Director Kamille Pfeffer was inspired to take a dive in to the artistic process of the mysterious Oda Jaune when she discovered a book on her watercolors in Pfeffer’s favorite bookstore in Cologne.  Who is this Ode Jaune? Oda Jaune’s paintings are very unusual and contain people who have mythological powers or are deformed in some way. Sometimes her figures are made up from just organs and other strange objects that leave you wondering what they mean. They are so mysterious that you, as the viewer, need to interpret them by yourself and this film does the same thing. When you think of dabs of color on a palette, you get the feeling that you are just scratching the surface of who this artist is and Pfeffer uses a black painting where she frames Ode Jaune’s portrait and then asks her some basic questions.  It gives the artist time to think but it also gives the viewer time as well. It is difficult to explain her work. She had to find her own way to describe her art process. It is like a breath and it is open for interpretation. It is not only to do the process but to find the right vocabulary to explain the work in her words. Who is Ode Jaune? She is a very complex personality and we are presented the mosaic. She also interviewed a collector, her gallerist, a director, and a fellow painter to get further insight  but it still leaves you with one question in your mind and that is who is Oda Juane? ()

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