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Atomic Falafel


Israel | New Zealand | Germany 2015
Opening July 14, 2016
Directed by: Dror Shaul
Writing credits: Dror Shaul
Principal actors: Mali Levi Gershon, Michelle Trevis, Alexander Fehling
Atomic Falafel   The comedy/satire/farce begins in a subterranean room full of anxious Israeli army officers and politicians discussing a secret mission. They suspect an Iranian nuclear attack and are trying to figure out how to respond. They approve a counter attack and bring in a New Zealander to prepare the codes. The characters in the film are introduced with comical title cards telling their jobs and their weird hobbies. The scenes usually start with booming music.
The International Atomic Energy Commission has sent nuclear inspectors to this Negev town.  One inspector is Oli (Alexander Fehling) from Germany chosen because he can sniff out uranium due to his uranium allergy. The Israelis would like to get rid of Oli as quickly as possible but he falls for Mimi (Mali Levi Gershon) who drives a falafel food truck to the soldiers and who is convinced that her husband died of radiation from the nuclear reactor. Mimi's daughter Nofar (Michelle Trevis) meets an Iranian rapper teenager on the internet and despite their countries' differences they bond. In the end it is Nofar, her computer whiz boyfriend and the Iranian girl, who break the codes and are able to prevent war between their countries. ()

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