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Review-The Wedding Ring

THE WEDDING RING (Zin'naariyâ) 
Rahmatou Keita, Niger/Burkina Faso/France

Tiyaa returns from studying abroad to her home in the Sultanate of Zinder. Although she quickly returns to the Sahelian way of life, Tiyaa is heartbroken having left her boyfriend behind. Her friend convinces Tiyaa to seek counsel from the local zimma, a Zarma Songhay wise man who uses natural elements to help people achieve what they most desire. He advises Tiyaa to obtain a simple gold wedding band, soak it in the milk of a goat fresh on the eve of the next full moon and then celebrate the moon rise. As she waits for the next full moon, Tiyaa visits friends and family in the villages as they go about their daily lives in traditional ways. Visually stunning and full of engaging characters, this film is a like a lovely picture poem about the Sahelian way of life. (MW)

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