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Review-The Wait-Quotes

Danish director Emil Langballe speaks at Abaton after a presentation of his documentary The Wait, about an Afghani family trying to obtain permanent status in his country, and after six years still has only short term temporary status which is destroying their family life.

Quotes: “Every time you turn on a camera, of course it becomes fiction, but you hope they will lose some of their mask,” when speaking of the Sedigi family.
“The parents did not trust us at first.”
“I was afraid religion would take over the film. The family prayed but never talked about religion…. The father’s brother was a member of the Taliban.”
“When Rokhsar’s brother was murdered, they left Afghanistan the next day (2010).”  
“Her parents gave her freedom enough that it was not an issue.”
“In asylum, Rokhsar was very determined. I forced her family to be a part of it. We spent so much time. She was calling us in the night when she couldn’t sleep. It became very close and personal, so this film is not objective. It becomes hard to film someone who is so fragile and suicidal.”
“Debate in Denmark (about asylum seekers) became so tough while we were filming. Fear of the unknown, fear of losing jobs…Countryside people don’t know any refugees.”

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