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Plan B – Scheiss auf Plan A


Germany 2017
Opening June 8, 2017

Directed by: Ufuk Genç, Michael Popescu
Writing credits: Rafael Alberto Garciolo
Principal actors: Can Aydin, Phong Giang, Cha-Lee Yoon, Eugene Boateng, Laurent Daniels, Julia Dietze, Henry Meyer, Aristo Luis

Plan B – Scheiss auf Plan A Can (Aydin), Phong (Giang), and Cha-Lee (Yoon) are actors with expertise in martial arts. They try out at film castings, hoping to be discovered and invited to Hollywood. Their manager U-Gin (Boateng) has good news: they have an appointment for another casting. Too bad, that they show up at the wrong address and find themselves surrounded by gangsters who hold Phong hostage while Can and Cha-Lee and even U-Gin must go out and find the secret code to open a certain millionaire’s safe. The millionaire’s wife is also being held hostage.

Here we have the chance to observe the fantastic martial arts performed by the actors. For the first ten minutes, we watch them try out for a wannabe Hollywood film and the satire is exactly like something from Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee or Sylvester Stallone. In real life Can, Phong, and Cha-Lee have been involved with kung fu and martial arts since childhood. Eugene Boateng, on the other hand, is a hip hop street dancer, who also demonstrates his talent in the film. Can Aydin not only acts, but is also the director of the “action” which must be perfectly choreographed, almost like a ballet. Co-director Michael Popescu is also responsible for the music which aims to represent the sound of the 1980s. Even if the story is not so original or even important, the film can be appreciated on its own merits: a first film for these young, good-looking actors and the two directors. Most important: this is a German film, made in Berlin with a totally multicultural cast. All were born and raised in Germany, but their families originally came from Turkey, Korea, Viet Nam, Ghana, Spain and Rumania. Race plays no role at all; everyone is equal. A Canadian film, On the Ropes, will open in the fall of 2017; it will be a second opportunity to see Can, Phong, and Cha-Lee, as well as Aristo Luis act together again. ()

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