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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Free Speech Fear Free

UK 2016
Opening June 1, 2017

Directed by: Tarquin Ramsey
Writing credits: Documentary
Principal actors: Documentary with Jacob Appelbaum, Julian Assange, Diani and Niamh Barreto, Julia Farrington, Sarah Harrison, John Kiriakou, Jude Law, Annabel Smith, Annabel Smith

Free Speech Fear Free When Tarquin Ramsey started to work on this documentary five years ago he was just fifteen years old. Encouraged by his father he went on a journey to find out what "freedom of speech" really means. Planned was a 10-minute montage. Without any previous film experience, but by asking a question that many people may rashly claim to have an easy answer to, he created an 80-minute stimulating and fresh contribution to a complex subject.

Several protagonists had suffered repercussions for the way they chose to exercise their rights. Among them are actors, whistleblowers, activists and hackers, some with positions that are quite radical. The open-mindedness—also reflected in the choice of interviewees—with which the filmmaker approached the subject, will resonate especially with young people. I can't think but that it will impress on them that this fundamental right can't ever be taken for granted and that it requires constant re-negotiating, due to technological or political developments and in regards to freedom of information, expression and privacy. ()

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