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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Nur ein Tag


Germany 2016
Opening June 29, 2017

Directed by: Martin Baltscheit
Writing credits: Martin Baltscheit
Principal actors: Karoline Schuch, Aljoscha Stadelmann, Lars Rudolph, Anke Engelke

Nur ein Tag What do a wild pig (Stadelmann), a fox (Rudolph) and a Mayfly (Schuch) have to do with each other? In this fable the three characters come together to explore the meaning of happiness, which is particularly important since one has only 24 hours to live. The set is highly stylized with all characters portrayed by adult actors, which feels a little bit off since this is a children’s fable. I guess the idea is that it will appeal to both children and adults. The costumes are bright and humorous and the characters move with exaggerated gestures, while delivering their lines, but it takes a moment to figure out what role each actor plays since the costumes are not that of a fox or a wild pig but just the actors themselves. Although the actors do an excellent job playing their parts, something is not quite right with this film. It feels like a theatre production and not a film. It also does not have a universal message and most likely will only appeal to a German-language based audience. The subject matter which revolves around the imminent death of the Mayfly turns short and sweet. It is a good attempt and I have to give it credit for taking the plunge into a highly sensitive topic: death, by showing how important it is to live life. Twenty-four hours of happiness is better than not using the time at all. ()

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