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American Women's Club of Hamburg

In Love & War (I Krig & Kærlighed)

Kasper Torsting

When World War 1 began the Danes on Als Island were already under German occupation and had been since the German-Danish war of 1865. Sadly for Esben and many of his fellow Danes this meant conscription into the German army, even though Denmark was neutral. 

Desperate to return to his wife and young son Esben wounds himself and is sent home. However, after being away for three years not all is as he had hoped. A German high-ranking soldier has taken an interest in his family and the person he was is no longer who he is. Esben must now fight at home for his family and himself.

Fitting to launch in November as it marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

A line from the film which will resonate with many, 'we just have to figure out what home is again and that we don't lose ourselves' trying to find it. This is as relevant today as it would have been back then. (CR)

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