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Every Day (Letztendlich sind wir dem Universum egal)


USA 2018
Opening May 31, 2018

Directed by: Michael Sucsy
Writing credits: Jesse Andrews
Principal actors: Angourie Rice, Justice Smith, Owen Teague, Jeni Ross, Debby Ryan

everyday2018-1 2Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) is a normal teenager with an inattentive, basketball obsessed boyfriend named Justin (Justice Smith). One day, Justin asks her to play hooky with him and they have a perfect, romantic time, something very unlike what has been the norm previously in their relationship. The next day Justin is back to being a jerk and claims he doesn’t really remember the previous day. Rhiannon is flummoxed, until it is revealed that Justin had actually been possessed by a body-jumping spirit named “A” who wakes up each day in a new random body. As Rhiannon and A begin to develop a romance, it becomes increasingly clear that a long-term relationship will be difficult to manage. Will their love prevail?

Ah, the young-adult romantic genre, how sweet, how predictable. Every Day fits all of the tropes. Is there a shy, misunderstood girl with an uncommon name? Check. A sensitive love interest who sees her for who she is? Check. Inattentive parents who don’t notice their teenage daughter acting out-of-character, running off willy-nilly with strange spirit creatures? Check. These movies (and the books they are based on) have become so formulaic, there almost seems to be no reason to watch as every plot point checks a box of some young adult love story cliché which we have all already seen before. Certainly there will be some who will enjoy this treacle, most likely young teens, but for the rest of the population, it is unlikely to do much more than be a giant bore. (Rose F.)

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