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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Maybe, Baby!


Germany | Austria 2017
Opening April 26, 2018

Directed by: Julia Becker
Writing credits: Julia Becker
Principal actors: Julia Becker, Marc Benjamin, Christian Natter, Charlotte Crome

maybeBabyMarie (Becker) and Sascha (Benjamin) are a long term couple on the brink of making that most grown-up decision, to have a baby. It seems it is the natural next step, all their friends are doing it and her biological clock is going off. However, Marie is having second thoughts or maybe third, fourth or fifth? Given her doubt it seems the best place to escape this adult decision is to go to a romantic mountain hut with her lover, Luke (Natter). On arrival Marie and Luke find that the hut in the Tyrolean Mountains is a big draw for all those that are having second thoughts and want nothing more than to get away and forget about making adult decisions. A rather weird, sad, sometimes funny situation develops when runaway couples meet. 79 minutes ()


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