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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Citizen Animal


Germany 2017
Opening April 26, 2018

Directed by: Oliver Kyr
Writing Credits: Oliver Kyr
Principal actors: Martin Blake, Christa Blanke, Gieri Bolliger, Mercedes Cano

citizenAnimalA documentary that gives a voice to animals. With the help of the Pegasus family, a variety of animals pose questions around whether we should have civil rights for animals as well as how we humans treat our fellow earth dwellers. The family travel throughout Europe in search of animal activists, vegan chefs, animal whisperers, animal lovers, defenders and lawyers. A selection of the interviewees include; Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel (Global Animal Law), Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd), Dr. Jane Goodall (behavioral scientist and UN peace envoy), Dr. Edmund Haferbeck (PETA), Garret John LoPorto (Civil Rights activist).

The questions asked and answered by such an array of people provide insight and views that will make an impression. Whether you agree with all the opinions presented there will be elements that make you think and maybe re-evaluate animals and their welfare. One thing is certain whether you live in the country or the city we are all surrounded by animals and all life deserves to be lived with respect and empathy. (

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