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All The Money in the World (Alles Geld Der Welt)


USA 2017
Opening February 15, 2018     

Directed by: Ridley Scott                              
Writing credits: David Scarpa, John Pearson
Principal actors: Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, Romain Duris, Charlie Plummer

All The Money in the World (Alles Geld Der Welt) Inspired by the story of Paulo Getty’s (Charlie Plummer, no relation to Christopher) kidnapping, and based on John Pearson’s book, director Ridley Scott takes audiences inside the world of power, money, and greed. Scott’s drama concerns unsettling events that transpired in 1973 in Rome, Italy. Oil tycoon John Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) is one of the richest in the world. Hence, John Paul Getty III kidnappers figure the multimillion-dollar ransom a drop in the bucket. But, they do not know J.P.

Acquainted with her 16-year-old’s temperament—their relationship is rocky—Abigail initially thinks the phone-call is a joke. She also knows J.P. is tight-fisted; still, she expects his help. As Paul’s captivity extends, nerves fray, Carabinieri (police) are assertive, mistakes occur. It seems the only way the stalemate will break might be tragic. Then, Getty sends Fletcher (Mark Wahlberg), his go-between. Strong-willed, Gail locks horns with the inscrutable Fletcher; concurrently Cinquanta takes pity on Paulo. Subsequently, both fortuitous alliances prove auspicious. Only when Gail meets J.P.’s Mr. Hinge (Timothy Hutton) does she realize the glitch involved with having all that money.

Flashbacks give account of the past nine years that Claire Simpson artfully edits. Dariusz Wolski’s cinematography covers an array of locations, and Daniel Pemberton’s music nicely compliments. This entertaining romp through the subterfuge of wealth is a fun watch, if not biographically accurate.132 minutes ()

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