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Anne Clark – I´ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

Germany 2017
Opening January 25, 2018

Directed by: Claus Withopf
Writng credits: Claus Withopf
Principal actors: Anne Clark

Anne Clark – I´ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow Director Claus Withopf is very familiar with Anne Clark, who is popular in Germany and claims Rilke, along with Japanese Haiku, as the succinct poetry she aspires to in her work. Withopf’s filmography includes Anne Clark Live, a 2009 concert film. However, Anne Clark – I´ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow is his debut as director of a full length feature documentary.

The film opens and ends with the same haunting song, a tribute to her mother after death, which Clark describes as, “a farewell letter to her, that I loved her despite the difficulties.” At her little family house in Croydon, next door to a high-rise with a facade cladding recalling that of the combustible Grenfell Tower, she frankly talks about the constant physical violence of home life, group free-for-all fights involving mother, father, brother and herself. And her surprise at her first sexual experience that people could actually touch another without beatings. Also at age 16 Clark saw the Sex Pistols on TV, and was overwhelmingly inspired, realizing it was possible to make music without an elite education. The punk movement was heady. “Writing and music help me get through my difficulties…I do not need to write when I’m happy…want to say what I feel, not empty words.” Her melancholic lyrics, in a spoken yet rhythmic flow are the proof. Retreating to rural Norway after setbacks, we see the austerity of her life, as she regroups, writes, and starts again rehearsing with her band. Also, it is worth to go just to see the fantastic footage of the northern lights dancing at the end of the film. ()

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