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Lux – Krieger des Lichts


Germany 2017
Opening January 4, 2018

Directed by: Daniel Wild
Writing credits: Daniel Wild
Principal actors: Franz Rogowski, Heiko Pinkowski, Tilman Strauss, Eva Weißenborn, Kristin Suckow, Anne Haug

luxKriegerDesLichtsDirector Daniel Wild received several awards for the script of this suspenseful "mockumentary" that is his first feature film. Two aspiring documentary filmmakers (Strauss, Haug) have interested producer Holger Brandt (Pinkowski) in their project to follow Germany's first super hero —"Lux - Krieger des Lichts" (translation: -Warrior of the Light) as he calls himself —on his missions. When not working shifts at a produce retailer, Torsten (Rogowski) puts on his hero costume—hooded cape and mask—and makes his rounds in Berlin. He redistributes leftover food; supports tenant protests against greedy landlords, and generally lends a hand when needed. He also absolves a vigorous physical training presumably to be ready for more demanding situations should they arrive. For the documentary he is being followed around by a camera crew and fitted with a bodycam. Brandt plans to turn this genuinely nice guy into an Internet reality-star with a sponsor-satisfying following. That requires him to post increasingly exiting episodes. As modest as the young man is, he still is relatively easily talked into participating. The more he is guided to satisfy his internet following with interesting encounters, the further he departs from his original intentions and dreams. 

Daniel Wild keeps us "on edge" to the end; less and less can we be sure what is being presented: fake, fiction or reality. The talented cast is a joy to watch. That goes for the leads as well as for supporting actors like Eva Weißenborn (Torsten's mother) who fills her role with humor and humanity. (

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