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John Chester, USA

This is an endearing true story about a couple who literally bought the farm and made the farm rise again from the dead. When John Chester, a documentary film maker and his wife Molly, a food blogger and private chef, decided to live their dream and buy a farm in 2011, they did not know how challenging it would be. The development of their organic, bio-dynamic farm is documented from hardened earth covered in dried tumbleweed to bountiful organic and biodynamic orchards, gardens, and pastures. John and Mark are gifted storytellers and the team performs the outstanding feat of catching a variety of unique animal moments on film, including the difficult times and happy days. The result is an achingly beautiful family movie about hope, failure and success. Some of the characters that live on the farm are featured in short films at apricotlanefarms.com. Check out the little shorts but don’t miss the big film! (MNW)

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