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Asterix und das Geheimnis des Zaubertranks (Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion, Asterix: Le secret de la potion magique)


France 2018
Opening March 14, 2019

Directed by: Alexandre Astier, Louis Clichy
Writing credits: Alexandre Astier
Principal actors: animation

Asterix  das Geheimnis des ZaubertranksMiraculix falls from a tree and breaks a leg. This causes him to think realistically: who will make the secret, magic potion which supports the lives of the residence of Gallien, when he is no longer able? He joins forces with Asterix and Obelix and they set upon a search for an apprentice who could learn from Miraculix and eventually take over. Thus we meet candidates, some improbable, some evil, perhaps one hopeful. Could Dacmonix, who looks like an old monster with antlers, take on this responsibility?

There are at least 18 films about Asterix and Obelix, with the first one coming out in 1967. Usually, they were based on the original French comics by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, which first originated in 1959. Here we have a new Asterix story, which was not based on a specific comic. This series continues to appeal not only to small children, but of course to the whole family, with humorous scenes. Many characters have white beards (after all, they lived in 50 BC) and, seen in a group, there is an enormous collection of different kinds of noses which could be an art exhibit in its own right. Then there are the five wild pigs and discussions about whether magic still exists. Asterix and Obelix appeared recently in Hamburg-Niendorf, where we had wonderful, larger-than-life-sized figures of them, made totally out of balloons. Go for amusement or to catch up on these characters—permanent fixtures in today’s world. (Becky T.)

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