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Prinzessin Emmy


Germany | Belgium | UK  2019
Opening March 28, 2019

Directed by: Piet de Rycker
Writing credits: Sergio Casci
Principal actors: animation voiced by Franka Potente, Uwe Ochsenknecht

Prinzessin EmmyEight-year-old Princess Emmy has the ability to speak with her horses, all 26 of them, including Cäsar, Rose, Xaver, Donny, and Valentin. This is a serious responsibility, because she must protect the book which holds the secret of horse talk, especially since occasionally loose pages of the book occasionally fall out and fly into the wind. As if that weren’t enough responsibility, she must take lessons with Vincenzuo Massimo Cerimonata on behaving princess-like: how to smile, keep her balance, play the piano and appear elegant. She will be introduced at the princess’ ball in just 10 days. The worst problem is her snobby, mean, cousin Gizana, also eight years old, who moves into the castle and takes every opportunity to make Emmy appear stupid, even forcing her to move into the attic. What if Gizana discovers the magic book?

There is always action in the life of Princess Emmy, not only among the characters, including a dance teacher Mrs. Zwickelmeier, friend David, brother Moritz and a castle ghost, but also among the horses, who act human. Actually Emmy is not speaking their language; rather the horses are speaking her language: German. Perhaps this is the best decision, since subtitles would not be so appropriate for young viewers of the film! Actually, of all the characters, the cat has the most charisma. Some action becomes repetitive in the 75 minutes so that one loses concentration. Perhaps the story would be more effective if it were played by real actors and horses. Naturally, Prinzessin Emmy will appeal to young girls and horse lovers, who may recognize themselves. (Becky T.)

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