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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Ink of Yam


Germany 2017
Opening May 9, 2019

Directed by: Tom Fröhlich
Writing credits: Tom Fröhlich
Principal actors: Documentary with Poko Haim, Daniel Bulitchev, Roi Damari, Andrawos Bassous, Dayroyo Boulos

Ink of YamBIZZART is the oldest tattoo studio outside of the old city walls of Jerusalem. Its owners, Poko Haim and Daniel Bulitchev, offer not only tattoos and piercings but also a place where everyone is welcome. Here there are no boundaries, everyone is accepted for who they are despite their religion or cultural background. While outside there may be the sounds of bombs exploding, inside there is the sound of the tattoo needle and stories. The film is divided into different tattoo sessions in which clients philosophize on their view of tattoos and living in Jerusalem. One of the tattooists says, “There is no tattoo without pain.”  Perhaps it is this pain that breaks down inhibitions and allows the people being tattooed, as well as the tattooist themselves, to open up about their thoughts and perspectives on religion and the complex culture in which they live. Each story is a personal passage ending with a living piece of art. (Alana L.)


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