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Mister Link (Missing Link)


Canada | USA 2019
Opening May 30, 2019

Directed by: Chris Butler
Writing credits: Chris Butler
Principal actors: Animation: Hugh Jackmann, Stephen Fry. German version: Bastian Pastewka, Christoph Martia Herbst, Bastian Pastewka, Collien Ulmen-Fernandes.

Mister Link Missing LinkSir Lionel Frost considers himself an expert in researching myths and monsters. In order to secure this reputation and to make a name for himself, he sets off to the northwestern part of the USA to search for the original creature from which our humanity developed, i.e., the missing link.  (Missing Link is the title of the film’s original English version). He actually finds this creature which goes under several names, but prefers “Susan,” and is terribly lonely, being the last of his lineage. However, he believes that distant relatives of his, the Yetis, live in a place called Shangri-La. They set off to find them, together with Adelina Fortnight, who has a map! This turns into a road movie with hindrances (bad guys stalk them) and successes, as they travel from New York City to France, Italy, Egypt, India, etc.  

This is a fun film for the whole family, although the German version seems to move quicker and be more hilarious than the English version. Children in my (German-language) audience giggled all the way through. It’s worthwhile to stay to the end and watch the credits. (Becky T.)

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