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Einsam Zweisam (Deux moi)


France 2019
Opening December 19, 2019

Directed by: Cédric Klapisch
Writing credits: Santiago Amigorena, Cédric Klapisch
Principal actors: Francois Civil, Ana Girardot, Camille Cottin, Francois Berléand

Einsam Zweisam Rémy (Francois Civil) and Mélanie (Ana Girardot), both around 30, both single and introverts, live completely anonymous, lonely, lives almost door to door in the middle of Paris, walking the same streets, taking the same trains, shopping at the same neighborhood supermarket, even looking after the same cat at different times, without actually meeting. Rémy is an unskilled worker in a company where the majority of employees get fired, as robots take over their work. Somehow he is one of the very few who does not lose his job, but gets transferred to work in the company's call center. Guilt-ridden about the fact that he got to stay, and becoming more and more lonely and depressed, he reluctantly agrees to see a psychotherapist (Francois Berléand). Meanwhile, Mélanie, working in scientific research, is still trying to get over her last relationship, which failed over a year ago. Her girlfriends encourage her to go on dates, but each time ends in a fiasco. She, too, reluctantly looks for help by seeing a psychotherapist (Camille Cottin). Both come from families, where ‘seeing a shrink’ bears the stigma of ‘being crazy.’ However, with time, both make progress in coming to terms with the roots of their problems.

Director Cédric Klapisch follows his two protagonists with great empathy in this beautiful and warm-hearted story. Both Rémy and Mélanie are extremely likeable people, and you want them to get together from the very beginning, knowing that they will form a great match. Each time they cross the bridge on their way to the Métro station or shopping at the Arab supermarket, you wish they would bump into each other. However, it seems that the sessions with their respective psychotherapists are necessary to prepare them for the moment, at the very end of the movie, when they finally meet. 110 minutes (.)

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