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Nathan Grossman, Sweden 2020

“A powerful film reminding us that Greta is a young girl facing the challenges of being the face of an international movement and highlights the urgency in ‘Unite behind the science’!!” - Shanan R.

“A thought-provoking film that shows not only the innocence of Greta but her strong and emotional determination to make her voice heard. I loved it!” - Julia R.

“An inspiring story about how the choice of one girl to skip school in the name of climate justice sparked a revolution and which called upon youth worldwide to courageously and relentlessly demand change from politicians in order to protect their collective future.”- Callie R.  

“A provoking documentary about how the determination of one young girl gave many of us around the world the courage to stand up and strike for climate justice. If Greta can do it, so can we!” - Beatrice K.

“Education needs to be more aware of how kids with autism learn, and society needs to understand the supportive kind of intense parenting required. Greta is using her hyper focus and bluntness for universal good. Her body can only survive with an amazing team.”- Mary Frances L.

“A surprise run into the Fridays for Future demonstration on the first day of the first non-virtual/Corona Film festival illustrated to me just how successful Greta Thunberg has been in using her voice and ideas to gain an overwhelming support worldwide. “How dare you!  You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” Greta boldly shouts out to world leaders. This emotional documentary shows her courageous determination and unique strategies on how to confront the world leaders on their lying and their lack of responsibilities to the future generations.” – Shelly S.

“Greta brought home the need for all of us to take responsibility for our planet. We are responsible; we are the only ones that can fix it.” - Christine.R.

“Petite Swedish teen Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg rages at our ignorance and dismissal of Mother Earth, inspiring the world’s youth and leading to Fridays for Future. Marvelous cinematography, which captivates the audience. A must-see. Folks, listen up: there is no Plan(et) B.” - Carol B.

“Right at the start, I found it unusual that this early action was captured on video in quite a professional way. But then again, I did not grow up in a world of smart phone cameras and apps. Still curious though about how during the entire documentary, a camera captured so many intimate moments, I later learned that Greta’s father Svante Thunberg is an experienced actor. Her mother Malena Ernman is an opera singer and actor. This is a family affair.” – Mary W.

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