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Congo Murder


Norway | Sweden | Denmark | Germany 2018
Opening February 6, 2020

Director: Maruis Holst
Writing credits: Stephan Uhlander, Nicholaj Frohbenius
Principal actors: Aksel Hennie, Tobias Santelmann, Ine Jansen, Anthony Oseyemi, Tone Danielsen, Dennis Storhol


Congo MurderHow far would you go for friendship? Joshua French (Axel Hennie) would do anything for his best friend Tjostolv Moland (Tobias Santelmann) even if it seems crazy to the rest of us. In 2008 this Norwegian ex-soldier returns to Africa at Moland’s request for a special mission. He’s typical of many soldiers who are restless at home and are ready to take on an extreme adventure just to reduce the boredom. After some shady meeting with some off-shoot independent politician  demanding the return of something which is never really clarified in the movie, we see the two best friends riding toward the Democratic Republic of Congo with two envelopes stuffed with money, guns, and wide grins on their faces. The adventure has begun. Unfortunately as soon as they cross the border, things begin to fall apart. After an ambush and the death of the jeep driver, the two are arrested by General Kazumba (Anthony Oseyemi).

The film then begins to test the strength of French’s and Moland’s friendship. It is a friendship based on a strong sense of arrogance mixed with loyalty and a sense of adventure. Years spent imprisoned in the Congo take their toll on the two. Based on a true story where many questions are asked but due to the circumstances many remain a mystery. The biggest mystery for me is why would anyone want to go to one of the most dangerous countries in Africa; a zone which has cost the lives of millions and where corruption and criminality is still strong to this day. ()

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