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American Women's Club of Hamburg

I Am the Tigress


Austria | USA | Germany 2021
Opening April 14, 2021

Directed by: Philipp Fussenegger, Dino Osmanovic
Writing credits: Documentary
Principal actors: Tischa Thomas, Edward Zahler

I Am the TigressMother, grandmother, and competition body builder Tischa “The Tigress” Thomas dreams of being the best female body builder in the world. She has already faced numerous challenges including obesity, bullying and self-doubt. But she persisted in her quest to create her muscled, confident, boisterous self. This reality show styled documentary begins with some inspirational videos that The Tigress posts online. But those videos are only part of her quest to earn a living. She also sells “muscle worship” sessions with sexually explicit conversations and performs as a Dominatrix. But in her transformation from bullied fat girl to power woman on steroids, The Tigress found her inner strength. This very intimate look into her life with her friend (and idolizer) felt sometimes uncomfortable to watch. But her radiant smile, positivity and confidence keep you rooting for her success. More inspirational and less sensational moments would have strengthened the film, but the power of The Tigress shines through. ()

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